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We Are Büro Büro — Julian Faudt & Stefan Mückner — Hamburg, Germany

“Probably the scale of the work and the method of execution, though the idea generation is remarkably similar for all media. The workmanship can be challenging for walls. For the choice of material, we weigh up weatherability, consistency of the subsurface and the actual size of the surface we design. Depending on the medium, we mostly use a combination of spray cans and acrylic wall paint. We choose the range and intensity of the colours according to the content and location of the work.”

We Are Büro Büro (W.A.B.B.) is an art, illustration and graphic design collective based in Hamburg and run by Julian Faudt and Stefan Mückner. With a shared background in illustration, graphic design and graffiti, the passion and knowledge the pair have for design shines through in everything they create, be it branding, album artwork, illustration, or mural pieces.

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