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Yu-Hsuan Wang — Shanghai, China

What is the attraction for you of creating Illustration? “Illustration is an expressive way to connect strong emotions. It can be a simple reality, or take you far from the depths of your imagination to the abstract. The diversified faces of illustration become a powerful instrument. When I create my personal projects, it represents my mental psyche and contextualises the world in my head. There are no rules on the canvas. It’s a beautiful way to tell stories. Every project has different characteristics that challenge me and become more and more interesting.”

Yu-Hsuan Wang is an illustrator and graphic designer from Taiwan who studied and worked in Paris for seven years. She is currently working in Shanghai. Her artwork has a multitude of styles and combines the elegant and the strange. Her delicate strokes fused with vivid colours bring life to her designs. She is influenced by Nature, animals and plants, elements of which can be seen throughout her body of work.

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